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Cafe / Restaurant / Food stalls in BANDUNG

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Talking about travelling in Bandung for its food, dutch buildings, fashion will be very interesting.Which one to start? better check out these pics for complete reports !

1. BANCAKAN Trunojoyo Bandung

Rice Bancakan, thus the name of this "stall" . Located on Jl. Trunojoyo no. 62 Bandung, adjacent to the restaurant Sambara, about 300 meters from the Gedung Sate. Meals are served at Rice Bancakan is certainly typical Sundanese, but with some unique culinary options ancient times, which rarely found elsewhere. In addition to standard food such as fried chicken, vegetables, tamarind, cakes, spiced and various others, we can also find a food that may sound strange to some people, say CEOs red beans, chili gejos hejo, hampas soy sauce, sauteed lember, saute kadedemes , saute suung and many others. For rice, we can choose Liwet Rice or Rice Leaves. Price? Relatively very affordable, ranging from Rp 500,-  (aci crackers) to Rp 7000,- (squid oil). 
Read more: # ixzz28DjPCEel

2. Liwet Ikan Bakar 


You can find easily grilled fish and the rice in every sundanese restaurant/ food stall. but here in the picture I photograph it from "IKAN BAKAR HAJI JALI at  kopo street km 8 number 292"
Funny experience because you can  choose and catch your own fish. The cook will grill it for you for...dunno, 30 minutes? Well, better be patient. this place surely to chat with friends, not for visiting alone.
3. CAFE MOCA in Lotte Mart Bandung

This Moca cafe at the top of  Lotte Mart is great for chatting with friends, hang out and browsing fast wi fi internet while enjoying delicious food there. Evening is the the best time since we can enjoy tthe Bandung view at night

4. Cafe GANGSAL opposite of  Bandung Immigration office

It`s a great place to browse free wifi  internet while enjoying pempek, juices, and toast. The price not expensive. I can browse for hours there by buying Rp 23,000,- for pempek and melon juice!


5. Dago Tea House or the Dutch colonial era known as Dago Thee Huis is one place that has the most beautiful panorama in the city of Bandung. Here you can enjoy the view of the beautiful city of Bandung valley and enchanting. At night, you can see the twinkling lights of the city from the highlands of Dago. Also in Dago Tea House also present West Java Cultural Park which features a variety of arts performances typical of West Java.

Nasi liwet is one of the food that you can buy in Dago Tea House. For more info about Dago Tea house, you can visit this link:


Highlands of East Bandung it is in the district of Cimenyan, about 5 KM from Saung Angklung Mang Udjo, Padasuka Road. Various cafes with views of the exotic ready to pamper you. Feeling tired after the move will go away after knowing the price offered in the cafe there is very economical.

Call it kitchen Caringin Tilu or commonly referred to by the visitors 'Red Brick Cafe'. Called such because the cafe was made of red brick. The cafe was established since 2006 selling snacks like noodles, toast, grilled or fried plantain bananas.

"The price at this cafe ranges from Rp 5 thousand to Rp 20 thousand," said the cafe kitchen staff Caringin Tilu, Henry.

Red Brick cafe stands on an area of ​​700 square meters. In the cafe you can see the lights of the city of Bandung when the night of each of his gazebo.

"Most visitors here are young and crowded on weekends. Usually visitors come to this place to see the sights of London while relaxing in the gazebo that we provide," said Henry.

Not only young people who visit the cafe. The cafe is often invaded by the Red Brick young mother carrying a small child on Sunday. "Every Sunday, we conduct aerobics at 8:00 to 9:00 pm," added Henry.

It feels less if you only visit one cafe alone, this Cimenyan region. Located about 5 Kilometers from the cafe kitchen Caringin Tilu, there are equally cafe offers a beautiful view of Bandung city, and named Warung Cidaweung.

The cafe is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, offers snacks and beverages to accompany visitors while relaxing and enjoying the beautiful city of Bandung from the heights.

"Warung Cidaweung means, shop for daydreaming while enjoying the view of Bandung city and feel the joy of fresh air crib," said the owner of Warung Cidaweung, Acih.

Snacks such as noodles, fried and heavy foods like rice lead further adds dreamy pleasure while listening to the notes of the leaves sway, which comes from pine forest which is located not far Cidaweung this point.

Just as the kitchen Caringin Tilu, cafe stood from 1999 also offer the 'humane'. "The prices for meals and snacks range from $ 4 thousand to $ 20 thousand. For drinks range from $ 2 thousand to 10 thousand," said Acih while tightening the jacket because the air gets colder.

For further reading about DAPUR CARINGIN TILU, you cab visit this link:

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can't wait to taste those kinds of food..hmm yummy
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@ Rie : Yup those foods r yummy...and the most important thing they aren't expensive so with small budget we can still have yummy food and have fun in other interesting places

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