Friday, October 19, 2012

SWIMMING POOL IN BANDUNG( Graha Tirta Siliwangi /Siliwangi Waterpark)

Siliwangi Stadium Complex, Belitung street. It's right behind the Graha Tirta Siliwangi Convention Center; Phone Number: +62.22-4220757; Hours :07.00-22 .00.
Swimming pool for Adults & 1 Children Pool; The water is not too warm anyway, more to lukewarm. adult pool is very huge. There pool slider in kids pool, spill buckets, etc… and there are also white sand so they could make a castle here Ticket price 50.00 IDR (ranging from children aged > 1 year old); Students 40,000 IDR. Real nice place . Feels like outside Bandung , especially at the edges lined with benches relaxing & the bathroom as nice as in Batununggal swimming pool bathroom. There`s already soap etc . With warm water. Don`t forget to drink dawegan (coconut drink) in D'Oasis OK, very tasty!

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