Tuesday, October 16, 2012


NASI LENGKO CIREBON IN BANDUNG lengko rice is one of Cirebon typical rice, but in Bandung you can buy Lengko rice in Mahmud IV street Number 9 Bandung. Lengko rice is not as much as variety compared to Jamblang rice that can be eat with various food (eggs satay, tofu,etc). But still Lengko is a cheap nutricious food because its` content mostly rice and tofu.
Here is one of the recipe how to make "LENGKO RICE" 6 plates of white rice 1/2 kg boiled bean sprouts, Tempe, tofu, leaf chives fried bean 5 pieces of cayenne pepper 5 pieces of red chilli Garlic to taste Tamarind taste Sugar to taste Sweet soy sauce to taste How to make Lengko Rice : Peanut sauce: Puree beans fried with cayenne pepper and red pepper. Add the garlic, salt to taste. After that add the palm sugar and tamarind. HOW TO SERVE Lengko Rice: Put white rice put on six plates. Then sprinkle boiled bean sprouts and chives leaves on it. Add tempe slices were cut into cubes with a size of about 1 × 1 cm. Add to this TOFU cut into cubes about 1 × 1 cm. Pour peanut sauce, then pour the soy sauce. served warm. Good luck ...

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Barkah Hasanah said...

Another Cirebon typical food,delicious,cheap, and nutricious, nasi Lengko (Lengko rice) that we can find in Bandung West java INDONESIA