Thursday, October 18, 2012


4. Batununggal Sports Club
Jl. Batununggal Bandung Indah IX number 2-postal code: 40266- Phone: +62 22-7560200 Fax: 022-7560227. Warm and natural swimming pool, aerobic and fitness, badminton, indoor tennis, table tennis, billiard, sauna and whirlpool.
Ticket price 50,000 IDR (adult) / 35,000 IDR (children). with private pool (250.000/4x), entrance fee = 27,000 IDR (adult) / 20,000 IDR (children). Every Wednesday special seniors 25,000 IDR. There`s sliding in swimming pool(cold), there is the main pool canopy (warm), in addition to the main pool for adults (cold). Hot shower (adjustable), available soap and hairdryer, very clean.

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Barkah Hasanah said...

Every Wednesday seniors get discounts here.